Radio / FM Advertising

Embracing The Good Old Days With Radio Advertising

A lot of people believe firmly in the demise of Radio that is exaggerated further by the social media marketer of decades. But in spite of all these demoralizing thoughts about Radio, it remains to be a productive and robust medium for advertisers who want to use it.

Do you want to personify your brand and connect with your customers? Is increasing your current customer base your only dream? If yes then radio advertising can be the one-stop solution for you!

How Can Radio Advertising Help You?

With the rise of the internet as well as other types of technologies, radio advertising is generally seen as old-fashioned. But as prescribed, the radio culture hasn’t died yet. Surveys say that commercial Radio has a vast reach, and people spend almost 17 hours of their entire week listening to the Radio. Here are some perks of using Radio as an advertising alternative. Dive through them!

  • Demographic targeting will be as easy as a breeze
  • Increased frequency is possible, and the advertisements are more memorable on Radio.
  • Local targeting is an advantage in FM Radio advertising. Radio adverts are cost-effective with measurable results.
  • You can get better leads within a considerably shorter duration with the feature of selective targeting.

Speak Advertisement With Radio!

Advertising fuels the media marketing (buying and planning), and Radio is one such platform that you simply can’t refrain from. Choose to publicize your brand with the following features that radio advertisement has to offer:

  • Dialogue Commercial

    · Straight Commercial

  • Dramatized Commercial
  • Integrated Commercial
  • Live Read
  • Catchy Jingle Advertising
  • Testimonials
  • Sponsorship Tag
  • Personified Commercial
  • Host Endorsements
  • Comedic Radio advertisements
  • Emergency announcements

What Makes Us Different?

Advertise in FM Radio stations in Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Mumbai with the best Radio advertisement booking service. With JustBookAd, you can book a place for your advertisement in the leading radio channels, including:

  • Radio Mirchi
  • BIG FM 92.7
  • Vividh Bharati
  • Red FM 93.5
  • AIR FM Gold
  • Indigo 91.9
  • Fever 104 FM and many more regional channels.

Get the FM Radio advertising best discounted rate, and customization will be as easy as anything. So did you book your ad yet?