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In Cinema / Theatre Advertising

In Cinema Advertising- The Perfect Example of Evolving Digital Ads

Cinema is just like the dream that we see every day on screen. Some people relate to it, some love it while some live in it! Do you want to see the name of your business on the silver screen and be a celebrity brand? If yes then Cinema advertising is waiting right away for you!

Why Cinema Advertisement?

Cinema advertisements can be advantageous for a plethora of reasons. Some of these are enlisted below:

  • You can reach larger audiences and can target them better
  • Cinema can help you to gather a captive audience.
  • Advertisement is a metaphor of selling reams and everyone likes to watch a fascinating dream during the intermission.
  • Cinemas are meant to convey robust messages and so if you are advertising during the cinemas then your message is meant to reach public straight through their heart.
  • The results are measurable, and creativity will be on the peak
  • Cinema ads are more believable as compared to other forms of advertisements.

Explore The Scope Of Cinema Advertising

Frankly saying offline cinema advertising can be classified into several types as per the interest and the needs of modern consumers and businesses. Have a look at some of these!

  • Demo advertisements like that of iPhone commercials
  • Depiction of need or problem like the Cingular PVR ads
  • Use of advertisement for symbol, analogy, and exaggeration.
  • Ads for the purpose of comparison
  • Exemplary Story
  • Commercials with Ongoing characters and celebrities
  • Associated User Imagery Commercials
  • Unique personality Property advertisement
  • New product launch notification advertisements
  • Announcements that come in the form of commercials

The Future Is Digital!

If you are ready to shift more attention to digital next year, then add back on screen theatre advertising by booking your own ad with Just Book Ad- The best Cinema Advertising agency. We have ties with the leading theatre chains like that of:

  • PVR Cinemas
  • INOX
  • Carnival Cinemas
  • Cinepolis
  • SRS Cinemas
  • Sathyam Cinemas
  • DT Cinemas
  • Wave Cinemas and much more

The prices are affordable, and customization is easy for both single screen theatre and multiplex cinema, so when are you going to plan your next commercial?